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Bernhard Hennrich

Standing Strong – A Manager's Guide

Englische Ausgabe von »Standfest«

In a Bavarian national park called »Berchtesgadener Land« there is a mountain range of over 2,500 m. Here the Blue Ice cabin is situated at an altitude of 1,680 m in immediate proximity of the Blue Ice Glacier, the northernmost glacier of the Alps. The tree pictured on the cover of this book, can be found in these mountains close to the Blue Ice cabin. It symbolizes the very idea of this book. Just like this steadfast plant can survive throughout the years right at the barrier of perpetual ice, a human being can also master life in hard and diffi cult times,if they put their minds to it.

This book is intended to make people think; to provide help, advice and energy in building or asserting personal strengths. It points out simple wisdoms that many unfortunately forget in day to day to life. It is a reference book, and just like a »prayer book« the sight of it alone should remind its owner of that is important in life and work. This is also the reason why it is a »guide«.

More information:

Standing Strong – A Manager's Guide

  • Autor: Bernhard Hennrich
  • ISBN 978-3-938889-19-0
  • Hardcover | 178 Seiten | Format 12,5 x 18 cm
  • Verfügbarkeit: vergriffen
  • 19,80 €

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